Here Are the Secrets to Growing Your Business with Video Marketing

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Secrets to Growing Your Business with Video Marketing

Like a heated popcorn about to pop, video marketing has grown to that point where it becomes an essentially irresistible marketing strategy for any business.

And this is because of its ability to capture and retain the attention of its viewers, making it a very potent bait for luring in new leads, potential customers, as well as strengthening brand loyalty.

If you are pondering on how to expand your brand, then you’re in the right place as this article will explore the mystery behind video marketing and how it can spice up your company’s fortunes.

Let’s not waste too much time; here are the secrets to growing your business with video marketing.

What Is Video Marketing

Simply put, video marketing refers to the use of videos to sell a product or service to an audience.

It can also be used to build engagement on social media channels, teach or educate customers or consumers on a particular topic, and as a unique medium for reaching out to an audience.

Video should not just be a part of your marketing plan as a business, rather it should form the central core around your digital marketing strategy.

This is because video is now a dominant force on major social media platforms.

According to HubSpot Research, 4 out of the top 6 online platforms where people watch videos the most are social channels.

So this means if you haven’t included video marketing as a strategy for your business or you are yet to even fathom it, you’re probably lagging behind and your competitors are likely toasting to your ignorance every TGIF.

Equally, video marketing comes in several forms including demo videos, brand videos, explainer videos, educational videos (how-to videos), testimonial videos, interview videos, live videos, etc.

Increasing Popularity of Video on Social Media

Video marketing might sound easy but in fact, it is not. However, when it is done right, its effects at converting viewers into customers or clients can be jaw-dropping.

It comes as no surprise that over 70% of marketers have admitted that video drives more conversions than any other content form.

One of the reasons for this is that video is engaging. It catches the attention of the audience. It lingers in the memory of the audience for quite a while. And it is a colossus that generates so much traffic over every other form of content, particularly when it goes up on social media.

A large chunk of Internet users is on several social media platforms and the rippling effects of videos that go viral can be felt around virtually every corner of the Internet as viewers tend to share those videos that interest them the most to their friends, groups, family, and even blogs.

As of 2017, the average consumer on social media watches an average of 206 videos per month and about 59% of senior executives have admitted, in all honesty, that if they were asked to choose between video and text on the same topic, they would have likely chosen video over text.

Over 70% of marketers have admitted that video drives more conversions than any other content form.

Video is going to take over the entire social media spectrum and here is a list of what we believe is driving the popularity of video on social media.

1. With videos, people’s attention gets caught easily on social media

When you run a sponsored digital ad on social media, you’d basically be praying that a favorable number of people get to look at it.

Chances are that you’ve probably also scrolled past quite a number of sponsored static ads too without batting an eye.

But the moment you come across a video, you tend to pause for a second or two and try to find meaning in the movement and action that makes up the video.

That movement and action from videos are what draws the attention of people on social media.

And this is why consumers on social media are 27x more than likely to click an online video ad rather than a static sponsored banner ad.

When it comes to digital engagements, Video content is King!

2. Videos on social media draw more engagement

After catching the attention of consumers, videos retain them next. This is probably due to the fact that videos connect deeper than written text or pictures.

They pull strong emotional responses that push people into wanting to like, comment, and share the content. It is no wonder that videos easily get 1200% more shares than both images and texts combined.

Video has grown massively popular on social media because of how easy it is for users to quickly share interesting videos among their followers and acquaintances on the platform.

And this is because our brains are wired to process visuals faster than text. That’s why it is believed that videos make information deciphering much easier and faster.

Video contents get 1200% more shares than both image and text contents combined!

3. Videos influence viewers into making purchases

Conversions determine the success of any marketing campaign and videos do a good job of bringing potential customers closer to your product or service than any other marketing strategy.

When a social media user watches a video ad and develops a positive experience from it, the chances of the user making a purchase increases by as much as 97%.

In addition, 64% of customers will likely purchase a brand’s product or service from watching a video of it online.

Now, you can see why the popularity of videos on social media is consistently on the increase.

Videos do a better job than any other content to bring potential customers closer to your product or service.

4. Videos increase traffic for websites

Businesses have discovered that setting up a website alone is not enough if people don’t visit it regularly.

Nevertheless, SEO for the website might be on point, but without videos, the traffic on the website might be significantly lower.

That’s why marketers have advocated for uploading more videos to social media with a call-to-action so they can draw in the traffic it generates to their website making the website rank better too.

It works like a charm too! That is another reason why videos are getting increasingly popular on social media.

You can draw more traffic to your website by uploading videos to our social media with a clear call-to-action.

Why Video Marketing Is Important

Although video marketing may be the new kid on the block in terms of digital promotions, it has grown significantly to be the backbone of several successful marketing strategies.

The argument about its importance is thus, out of the question, especially considering the fact that 63% of businesses have begun to implement video marketing in their digital strategy.

Below are some of the reasons why video marketing is important:

1. ROI from videos are hugely impressive

At least, that’s what 83% of businesses agree on concerning video promotions.

Indeed, making professional videos may not be easy or cheap either, however, there’s no doubt that it pays off in the long run.

The good news is your videos do not need to be perfect before they make an impact. It’s not like you’re trying to break into Hollywood or anything.

But your content needs to be catchy enough to draw attention. With your smartphone, you can even produce videos that are just good enough to fly, and to add to this, online video editing software is getting increasingly easier to use and less expensive.

Just make sure the message you’re passing across is clear, short, and explains the main details about the product or service you’re selling.

2. Conversions and sales go up when video marketing is initiated

The goal of any business is to make sales. Video promotions are excellent for boosting sales and conversions.

If your company has been experiencing a lull in terms of sales, why not try running a video ad today?

According to Wyzowl, 74% of users who viewed an explainer-video about a product ended up making a purchase.

You should probably spend more time thinking about a creative way to sell your product or service using video marketing techniques.

It will pay off in the long run. The good thing is your video doesn’t have to be 100% perfect.

People are captured by what they see and if it is interesting enough, no one will bother to check the quality of your video content.

3. Mobile users prefer videos than any other content

The majority of your potential customers are making use of smartphones and other mobile devices. And 90% of these people watch videos while on their mobile.

Right from the last quarter of 2013, the number of views gotten from mobile videos has grown by over 233% with YouTube further reporting that mobile video content consumption goes up by 100% each year.

People are motivated to watch videos anywhere they go; at school, at work, in the bus or car, at the club, in places of worship, etc.

So, your video marketing plans should center around content for mobile viewing.

4. Video fosters customers’ attachment to brands

Sales and conversions happen more frequently when customers trust a brand.

The idea around content marketing focuses on building trust and fostering relationships with patrons for the long-term.

Video lights up emotions within people and this leads to engagement.

However, the content in the video plays a very important role in how successful it will be at getting customers to like the brand.

Providing useful information in an interesting way is key to getting consumers to fall in love with your business.

If all you do in your video is sell, sell, sell, then you’ll be seen as nothing short of a boring noisemaker.

No one wants that. Just like how you’d mute the WhatsApp status of a friend who only posts items on sale all the time.

Setting up promotional videos can help people develop trust for your brand when it is done in a conversational form that consumers can relate to.

It creates a unique sense of individual approach and its no wonder that 57% of people have admitted that watching similar videos drove them to make purchases online.

Establish meaningful connections with your audience through video – don’t just sell sell sell!

5. Videos make it easier to explain stuff

You’d get significantly better conversions when you launch that new product line or service using a video to show how it works.

A massive 98% of consumers concurred that they have watched an explainer video to get more information concerning a service or product.

As a result of this, 45% of businesses using video marketing have explainer videos on the homepage of their websites.

Likewise, 83% of those businesses with an explainer video on their homepage have also admitted how effective the video was.

If you don’t know how to explain a difficult concept or process, just lay it out in a video.

Using animated videos works best for those hard-to-explain topics you want to share with your audience.

Use explainer videos to make it easy for customers to understand your product or service.

Why Internet Users Enjoy Video Content

We already know why digital marketers love videos. How about Internet users?

What’s so special about videos that makes them engage with it so much?

The popularity of video has grown within a short time and it is expected to keep that momentum.

Humans are captivated by what they see and that’s why almost any kind of video can get a lot of attention and engagement.

Furthermore, there are different types of video content and they affect consumers differently.

A random testimonial from a customer about a particular brand can initiate sales from thousands of people in a way that the company’s official video ad may not be able to achieve – this is where video marketing strategy comes in.

Another reason why internet users love video content is the fact that they can easily watch them via their smartphones at any time and anywhere.

So here are some of the video content forms that internet users enjoy watching the most.

A random customer testimonial video can generate sales that an official video ad may not be able to achieve.

1. Viral videos

These are videos that get popular within a short period as people share it across different social platforms.

Viral videos usually contain different types of content that internet users usually find interesting and worth sharing with their peers.

2. How-to videos/Tutorials

People love helpful videos.

And that’s why they are consistently watching tutorials and videos on how to do several things; from how to knot ties to how to make grandma’s favorite pancakes.

3. Animation

People relate to animations because they’re fun and easy to understand.

They are ideal for simplifying technical, complicated subjects and features into a form that can be easily digested by consumers.

Here’s an example of an animated video ad from Cisco.

Healthcare ransomware defense in 45 seconds

4. Testimonials

When consumers see another customer in a video talking about their experience using a particular brand, they tend to develop an interest in that product or service.

5. Live stream videos

Here internet users get to see videos of what is happening live.

Live stream videos first appeared in 2015 and ever since, there’s been a huge increase (up to 330%) in the number of people searching for the keyword “facebook live stream”.

6. Webinars

These are live video events that companies host to explain or educate the audience about certain topics relating to the business.

Using Video as a Secret Sauce to Grow Your Business

Although video marketing isn’t as intricate as it seems, getting the kind of video content that people would love to see is crucial to its success.

Using video marketing, you can raise your conversion rate but it depends on your strategy and how you apply it.

You would be wasting time and energy if you just produce any video and upload it while hoping for the best.

Also, your video needs to melt deep into your buyer’s pain points while displaying your product or service as the most effective solution to the pain.

When all the techniques required for a successful video marketing strategy are employed, the results are astronomical.

Here are the ways you can utilize video as a secret sauce to grow your business.

You can expect astronomical results when your video content solves problems your target audience is experiencing.

1. Marketing with viral videos

We already understand that viral videos are videos that get popular via shares across different social platforms within a short time frame.

These videos are unique and very hard to develop even if you have all the video equipment you need to produce a good visual.

Also, they are the kind of videos that get consumers talking about them for a long time.

If creative thinking isn’t your strong suit, then consider looking up a company that is good with copywriting and video production.

They can brainstorm different ideas that just might blow the mind of your audience.

For instance, Dollar Shave Club, a start-up back in 2011, created the viral video for their launch – “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”.

Michael Dubin, the CEO, came up with the script and he directed it along with his good friend.

Notably, they produced the video without hiring any professional in the field of video production.

The video was shot within a day at their factory and the entire production cost around $4,500.

Within 48 hours of being uploaded, the video garnered 14 million views with over 12,000 new orders waiting to be delivered to customers. Talk about an epic way to announce your business! – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

2. Push for brand recognition

Selling your product or service should be the number one thing on your mind for your video marketing, right? WRONG!

Your videos should be themed on brand recognition over anything else.

When you think about cars, what maker comes to your mind first? Or perhaps you’re thinking of getting ice cream for your loved one – what brand comes to mind?

Understand that your business or product is your seed. It is germinating as you’ve probably spent countless hours and sleepless nights into materializing the idea with further efforts invested in research, planning, as well as development.

You should water and nurture your plant (business) by putting more effort into creating quality, precisely-targeted videos of your business or what you’re offering.

When done successfully, it will lift you above every other viable competitor.

For example, Lyft, a San Francisco-based transport network company that started operations in 2012 recently put up a video of their business describing, with animation, how their peer-to-peer ridesharing mobile phone app works.

Their signature furry pink mustaches displayed on the drivers’ cars did a good job of pushing out the brand to instantly tick the brand’s recognition in the minds of anyone who sees it on the road.

What is Lyft?

3. Tap into vlogging

Vlogging entails posting personal videos to inform your audience on several topics.

It is a proven way to personalize your business and that’s why business executives, entrepreneurs, and social media marketers alike have been using it as a medium to express their opinions on certain topics.

Using vlogging, you can tell every internet user who you are, what you’re up to, and why they should key into it as well.

Add some humor. Relax. Smile. Don’t be too stiff, especially when you’re not bearing the burden of the entire universe on your back.

If done successfully, there’s a good chance that they will be glad to purchase your product or service.

So, don’t be shy. Roll out that camera and start recording yourself. Your audience awaits!

4. Explain your products with videos

Perhaps your business is rooted in tech developments. You shouldn’t assume that your customers or audience will know how to copy and paste items on their smartphones.

Be willing to offer guidance. People appreciate high-quality, well-edited explainer videos and product demos.

Even those who already understand the topic you are talking about in your video will be happy to see it to the end, especially if the video is catchy and explanatory enough.

5. Build suspense, showcase what’s behind the scenes

Let’s say you’re launching a new product or service or maybe you’re planning on rebranding! You don’t want to keep the secret to yourself.

Let people know what’s going on behind the scene. Show them samples or clips of what you’re building and how it would help.

Think of it as the sequel to a favorite movie. You’ve seen the epic first part.

Now the movie company is working on the second part of the movie and to further tickle your appetite, they release a short teaser trailer that sends waves to your thoughts on what to expect when the movie is officially released.

Sure, you’ll be lining up at the box office to get your tickets 2 days to the release date.

That’s how the behind the scene video of your new product should be like. It should trigger the imagination of your audience and keep them on their toes, waiting, eagerly anticipating the epic reveal.

Of course, if your product is tech-related, your video doesn’t need to show us boring developer source codes or how many spoons of salt goes into your meal if you’re into food production.

Be wise and use your discretion.

6. Upload testimonial videos from your customers

When people see your customers saying positive things about your business, it sticks to their minds whenever they see your product.

They remember how some stranger spoke great things about it and will most likely buy it too.

Written reviews may motivate people into buying your products. However, videos of smiling, happy customers linger longer in the memory.

And you should take advantage of this form of video content to spread awareness about your business.

Using popular actors and influencers is great but there’s a unique attachment that people will have when they see other humans talking about a certain product.

Especially when they are intelligent enough to know that these people were probably not paid to say good stuff about that product.

Maximizing Profitability with Video Marketing

The most obvious question posed by business owners when asked to come up with a video marketing strategy is – how much revenue will it generate for them?

We can’t fault them for asking questions relating to this because, in the end, it all boils down to making profit.

As a matter of fact, there is justification for raising the question of ROI because video production is arguably the most expensive form of content marketing.

But when it is properly done, the rewards are substantial and the ROI is well worth it.

However, before you engage in video marketing for your business, perhaps you’d want to know exactly how effective it can be for your organization.

1. Supporting Figures & Statistics

So, let’s quickly run through some of the figures and statistics that come with running a video marketing campaign:

Adding a video on your website’s landing page can shoot up conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Internet users who view video content on their mobile devices are 92% likely to share that content. Sharing content on mobile is way more convenient for people.

Upon seeing a video online, internet users are 64% more likely to buy a product or service.

80% of people who have watched a video online in the last 30 days can easily recall certain components of the visual.

After seeing these stats above, you might be doing your business a huge disservice by not tapping into the potentials that video marketing brings.

The cost is probably the first major obstacle that will create a cause for concern.

And it is true; production may be expensive but if you’re thinking taking 3rd party videos from YouTube and using it for yourself is more cost-effective, then you are not ready to grow your brand.

This is because your SEO efforts will be unproductive and you won’t benefit from video thumbnails popping up on search engine results pages whenever keywords related to what you do is searched for.

Also, you will find it difficult to connect with your audience in a way that will engage them with your brand.

Your conversion rates will stay stagnant – hovering around whatever average you’ve been earning previously.

And that’s not all. You’ll also have trouble trying to convince top-level decision-makers about your brand.

2. Making the Business Case

Hopefully, you’re now convinced to invest in video marketing.

So, you should start out with a plan that includes your maximum budget and ROI calculations. Try to play around with what you have.

Moreover, a simple, yet well-edited selfie recording of yourself talking about your business in a comic yet explanatory way might just be what you need to get started if the cost of a professional video production surpasses your budget.

If you implement video with your marketing objectives for pushing up sales, lead generation, or engaging customers, using analytics, you will be able to track how much revenue or engagements your video marketing efforts have resulted in.

Another similar thing you can do is to create a configuration for your video within your technical set up that will make it easy to track Internet users who watch the video and notify you when the same individuals end up making a purchase so you’ll get a broad idea of the amount of revenue generated from your videos.

Take a shot at it today!

Impact of Video in Purchasing Decisions

There’s no doubt that video content has a positive impact on your target audience’s purchasing decisions. Let’s take a look as to why.

1. Consumers prefer video on the Internet over TV

If you felt like watching a video, what medium comes to mind first? TV or YouTube? Chances are its YouTube and it shouldn’t be surprising why.

According to a study, YouTube is watched by 18 to 49-year olds more than any other broadcast or cable TV network.

Also, a Google-commissioned Nielsen study has reported that 8 out of every 10, 18 to 49-year olds watch YouTube on average every month.

Competing video-sharing platforms like Vimeo and Daily Motion also record massive audience engagements.

Over the years, the number of views gotten from online video content globally has almost tripled and YouTube ranks as the biggest platform with the most video views, accounting for 2/3rds of the total online video content watched by millennials across all digital devices.

If you feel like watching a video, the chances are that you’ll head on to YouTube instead of the TV!

2. Improved search engine ranking

Aside from the tendency of moving visuals to capture the attention of people, videos affect customer experience to a large extent.

With the way mobile devices are getting increasingly affordable, accessing and sharing videos online has become a breeze for many people and it’s this convenience that has promoted the wide reach and popularity of online video content.

Google recognizes this and that’s why it ranks websites that include videos on their homepage better which also leads to an overall better conversion rate.

Incorporating media like videos can help your website gain a favorable position on search engine pages.

When visitors come to your website, they’ll likely spend more time on it watching your videos, and the more time they spend on your web page, the better Google ranks your website as an authority in your niche.

Video content encourages your visitors to spend more time on your website, which translates to better search engine ranking.

3. Video content influence purchasing decisions than any other content format

Video is unique because of its nature of feeding humans’ desire to see visual content via motion, color, and sound.

When these components are present in a visual, they stick to the viewer’s memory and because of this, they can end up influencing their purchasing decisions instantly after seeing the video content or sometime later in the future.

In a survey conducted by Google, about 68% of YouTube users admitted having watched videos on the platform before making a decision to purchase a product.

This is the ability video has and it will continue to impact on the purchasing decision of consumers while connecting more brands to them.

A whopping 92% of shoppers online agree that visuals play an influential role in nudging them into making purchases while as much as 50% of consumers said they search for videos related to a particular product or service before entering a store.

50% of online shoppers admit searching for videos of a particular product or service before purchasing

4. You can drive more engagements and results with video on social media

On social media, video is the content people view most frequently and as a result of this, it also impacts on conversions.

When compared to pictures, videos on Facebook have 135% more organic reach.

Whereas on Twitter, 82% of the platform’s users watch videos there regularly.

In email marketing, just putting the term “video” in the subject line initiates an open rate of more than 19%, raises click-through rates by 65% and drops the rate of unsubscribes by 26%.

And having an actual video in the email content delivers 200-300% more click-through rate.

The bottom line here is that your customers’ future internet habits are etched in videos.

Video content is the King of contents on social media platforms!

5. TV viewership is declining, and video on Internet platforms is the next frontier

As of 2015, the number of people watching TV has dropped.

Precisely, 18-49-year olds spent 4% less time watching television but around this same period, YouTube video content watchers rose up by 74%.

Furthermore, another study has predicted that by 2025, 50% of television viewers who are under the age of 32 will likely not subscribe to cable or any other traditional paid TV service.

The IP from video traffic was also expected to go up by 70% from 2015 to 82% by 2020.

A massive 73% of B2B (business-to-business) and 60% of B2C (business-to-consumer) marketers are already using video as a crucial element in their marketing techniques.

Out of this number, 62% of them have pointed at videos as being a super-effective content marketing strategy.

If at this stage, you’re still not thinking of how you can use videos to help your current customers understand your product better or reach out to more potential customers so they can discover your brand, then you are unfortunately missing out on the chance to influence people to pick your business over your competitors’.

Your competitor is probably already using video marketing techniques to grab most of your customers and make more sales.

You don’t need us to place a megaphone to your ear and scream VIDEO WILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS before you realize this fact.

So, get off to a flying start today and add video marketing to your strategy.

Getting Started with Video Marketing

You’ve seen the statistics. Video marketing is a very potent tool for driving sales for your business.

Not only does it drive sales, but it also creates an emphatic bond between your customer and your brand.

So, how do you begin? You don’t have any experience with making videos and you are certainly not cut out for creative script writing or directing at that.

How about filming equipment? Then there’s the extra headache of video editing and post-production. Don’t let these niggling thoughts give you sleepless nights.

At Vexceed Technologies, we can power up your video marketing strategy to boost your sales and reach out to new clients for your business.

Making videos for digital media is not an issue for us as we have an awesome team on-ground to handle your video marketing needs.

Let’s meet with you, get to understand your business, objectives, as well as your market. Then we can research and develop the most relevant video marketing strategies that will sync with your goals.

We can execute actionable video marketing strategies that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Your brand’s videos will come out looking attractive and ready to roll in exciting new leads for your organization.

So reach out to us today, and our client relationship specialists will get in touch with you as we set off to an explosive start towards growing your brand.

Final Thoughts

In summary, video is the most powerful tool you can use to capture customers and retain their attention. And your business would likely get more sales if video is included as part of its digital strategy.

Certainly, you should see social media as a large cake where several businesses are taking their pick from.

Your potential customers are there waiting for you to blow their minds with your brilliant video content explaining why they should ditch your competitor and patronize you instead.

Although the cost of creating professional videos for marketing your business may be high, the ROI that comes from your successful efforts will prove to you that it was all worth it in the end.

Internet users enjoy watching videos and they’ll likely continue doing so for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Give them something you believe they will be interested in and they’ll worship your brand.

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