The Ultimate 27 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business

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The Ultimate 27 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business

Several years ago, going on Facebook meant posting copied motivational posts, uploading your favorite selfies, or looking up that old classmate you crushed on back in school. However, now that Facebook is a force to reckon with for businesses, it’s essential to know the right Facebook marketing tips to ensure the right audience sees your messaging and not just your friend from college days.

Except for a few additional dynamics and upgrades, the activities people engage in on Facebook haven’t changed much but what has changed is the way businesses interact with their customers on Facebook.

Back in the days, you could post about your business, especially what you are selling and it would get seen by thousands of people, including your fans or followers.

Today, posting similar content without a clear strategy could mean only one or two people get to see your post, of which one of them could be your next-door neighbor.

Luckily, there is a way you can push your business to your customers on Facebook without getting it limited to being seen by only a handful of people.

This article will guide you through the ultimate 27 Facebook marketing tips for business.

Table of Contents

What is Facebook?

As with most social media platforms, Facebook is a social networking website or application that allows people to sign up, connect, and share content among friends and family online.

The owner, Mark Zuckerberg, originally created the platform for college students to connect with each other while he was a student at Harvard University around 2004 but by 2006, Facebook became available for anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email account or mobile phone number.

Facebook bears the title of the world’s biggest social media platform today with its over 1 billion members across the globe.

Facebook bears the title of the world’s biggest social media platform today with its over 1 billion members across the globe.

Why Facebook Marketing is Essential to Your Business

It is a fact that Facebook started as purely a social media networking platform connecting friends and family, however, over a period of time it has developed into an effective means of promoting brands and marketing businesses.

This came about because marketers are constantly seeking ways to engage with leads and potential customers and with the way Facebook was connecting people and ideas, marketers quickly took note of its market potential.

Thus, Facebook created another platform where businesses can set up their business page while they monetized the digital marketing service connected to it.

Today, Facebook is an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy because of its potential for generating leads and converting fans into loyal customers thus why this Facebook Marketing Tips is essential.

Below are some more reasons why Facebook marketing is essential to your business.

1. Widespread Global Exposure

Since Facebook is the behemoth of social media, the majority of your potential leads can be found on the platform.

As of 2017, over 1.37 billion active users log on to Facebook daily.

Facebook has organized its marketing structure in different categories including pages, groups, and ads.

The Facebook page is the most popular way to represent a brand or business while a group page can be used to promote the organization’s activities.

Whatever you do, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to sell your brand to a platform with such a wide audience as Facebook. 

2. Narrows Down Marketing to Your Potential Customers

Facebook marketing works using demographics that define specific users and it utilizes this data to display only the ads that would be relevant to those targets.

For example, you probably want your ad to be shown to people that are actively online and capable of paying for your products or services.

So, your demographics will have to be narrowed down to ages below 35, middle-class lifestyle, interested in your niche, the location could be within your vicinity.

To advertise for maternity outfits, you’d be targeting women between the ages of 23 to 39 with interests in pregnancy and birth magazines.

This highly specific way of advertising on Facebook as proven to be very effective in promoting businesses.

3. Boosts Your Web Traffic

If you own a website and you’re itching towards driving web traffic to it, Facebook can help with that.

Once your Facebook marketing strategy is on point, you can guide your fans to your website via a link or call-to-action button that you have included in your post or content.

However, you should ensure that your website is receptive and user-friendly. You’re trying to make your fans comfortable and not try to scare them away.

So, ensure that their transition from your Facebook page to your website’s landing page is smooth and loads fast. Add fresh content that your followers haven’t even previously seen on your Facebook page.

It can retain their attention and reduce the bounce rate for your website, thus, improving its ranking on search engine pages.

4. Less Marketing Costs

Spending less is a vital aspect of this Facebook Marketing Tips guide. And this is highly beneficial for small businesses that are just starting up. They can easily set up a Facebook page for free and post any content on it without necessarily spending on creating a business website.

Also, they can upload all the required information about their brand on that Facebook page at absolutely no cost.

Likewise, budget-friendly Facebook ads are available at their disposal for use in promoting targeted ads to a relevant audience that should see what the business is into.

Ads are charged differently depending on the business owner’s discretion. The two most popular methods are the CPC (cost per click) which charges based on each click on the ad and the CPM (Cost per Mille) that charges based on impressions or a set number of views it receives from appearing on Facebook members’ timelines.

Businesses can set a daily limit on how much must be spent on ads per day to keep their marketing budget under control.

And they can even adjust their ad campaigns if they’re not getting favorable results from it while it is running.

5. Builds Brand Loyalty

That rapid and easy rapport between businesses and customers goes a long way in building brand loyalty for the business. The trick to this is quick interaction with your customer.

You could offer instant customer support by leaving a message for your customer which would instantly pop up on their Facebook inbox. Many young folks are getting increasingly dependent on looking up products and services online via the search tabs.

When they come across your business and see that your response to your customers’ queries is quick and instant, you’ve captured their attention right there and the very first blocks of loyalty have been laid immediately.

User engagements, including likes, comments, and shares on your posts can also foster strong connections with your fans, and the deeper the connection, the more likely that the leads would convert.

Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Business

Now that you are well aware of the importance of Facebook marketing for your business, let us take you on a run-through of our top 10 Facebook marketing tips to skyrocket your business.

1. Be Intentional with Your Posts

Don’t just post content to fill up space on your Facebook Page. Post with intent. Be mindful of the way you communicate with your audience.

Don’t just upload stuff and hope one or two lucky leads would see them. Be intentional with your posts and then decide if you would boost the post with your budget or not.

2. Don’t Be Boring

Try out different ways to push your brand like being funny, quirky, or unique with the information you pass across. Doing this regularly attracts lots of traffic on Facebook.

Simply posting information about a product or service and following it up with a link every time you upload content might turn off many of your fans.

Facebook knows this and that’s why their algorithm usually limits the reach of posts like this.

However, a post themed on entertaining whoever views it would reach further and this is how the majority of your content should be structured.

3. Follow a Content Calendar

Most businesses don’t see having a content calendar as a crucial components of the Facebook Marketing Tips, but it is.

The content calendar contains the posts you plan to upload at a set date and time every week. It is very effective for maximizing your efforts at content creation.

You can prepare content to be uploaded a week ahead and there are scheduling programs that you can use to upload them like Sprout Social or Buffer without necessarily having to upload and set it live on the expected dates and time.

Although you are working with a calendar, and it is probably automated, you should still monitor your posts and take community management as a priority.

4. Utilize Contests to Drive Engagement

You want your followers to engage with your brand. You can achieve this by organizing contests on your page. This is one Facebook marketing tip that works almost all the time.

To draw in more engagement, make sure you run the contest on a public holiday exclusively relevant to your target audience. Your prizes on offer should be rewarding enough to drive participation.

Take advantage of participants entering your contest and spread word of your brand through it. You can do this via referrals – where contestants have to bring in one or more people to qualify for the chance to win, photo contests – where participants have to share their photos and content about your brand to their friends and try to get the highest number of likes, and the share incentive – where contestants are encouraged to share the post to their friends or followers for a chance to win.

You want your followers to engage with your brand. You can achieve this by organizing contests on your page. This is one Facebook marketing tip that works almost all the time.

5. Run Promotions Across Instagram and Facebook

In case you didn’t already know, Facebook owns Instagram. And posts promoted via Instagram can be automatically promoted on Facebook as well.

According to BuzzSumo, content posted to Facebook through Instagram tends to generate a better organic reach than those posted directly to Facebook.

The belief is that Facebook wants to promote cross-platform posting and as an incentive, they are rewarding business pages that do so.

Take advantage of this Facebook marketing tip and get your brand promoted to a wider reach.

Content posted to Facebook through Instagram tends to generate a better organic reach than those posted directly to Facebook.

6. Upload Video Files Directly

Rather than embedding a link to a video that you want to post on your business page, just upload the video file directly to your page.

Facebook’s algorithm allows posts with original content to reach further than video links to the original video.

7. Silence Trolls by Hiding Their Comments

There will always be Internet trolls that will take delight in messing up the comments section of your posts whenever there’s an influx of comments from other fans. And they may insult other commenters or even your brand.

But deleting the comments from these trolls will probably not solve the issue as they’d likely drop off another comment to berate you for the action and drag the trolling happily.

As such, what you can do is to hide their posts. This way your fans won’t see the comment but the troll (and their friends) will still do.

8. Try to Keep Your Fans Constantly on Your Page

Resist the urge to always ask your fans to follow external links that would send them away from your page. This is important if you’re looking to generate leads from your Facebook page.

Once you send them to an external link, chances are that most of them will drop off and get carried away by something else.

Sometimes you may find it necessary to send your fans to your website, especially if you are trying to build an email list.

In such a case, what you can do is send them to a Tab with your form which they can fill with their details while on the business page. The Tab could be a Facebook contest page or even an embedded landing page.

9. Utilize Geographic Targeting if Your Business is not Limited to Your Country Alone

Let’s say your business caters to customers both within your country and beyond it.

Now, using analytics, you’ve discovered that your Facebook posts generate more engagement in your country at certain times of the day – let’s say 3 pm.

The problem that may arise here is that your fans in other countries have a time zone different from yours so your posts might generate less engagement from their end because they’re probably asleep or away from their social media at that time your post goes live.

Therefore, you should cultivate the habit of posting more than once and using geographic targeting before uploading them so the posts will appear on the timelines of your fans when they are most active on Facebook.

Be sure to tick the “hide from timeline” option so posts don’t show up on your fans’ timelines repeatedly on top of each other.

10. Take Part in Your Comments Section Actively

This is one of the essential Facebook marketing tips that your business needs to grow.

More of your fans will be interested in your brand when they see that you actively take part in the comments section of your posts.

Sometimes, you might even be the one to initiate the conversations after posting your content. This has been proven to work on many occasions.

So, you don’t need to wait for the first fan to drop their opinion. Keep it active and start talking about your post.

17 Facebook for Business Tips Your Business Needs Right Now

You probably understand by now that your business can grow bigger when you make use of a Facebook business page. Here are the Facebook tips for business we believe that your business will need right now.

1. Set up a Business Page

A Facebook business page is significantly different from a personal Facebook profile, although the pages may look similar, try not to mix them up when creating your business page.

The Facebook business page contains the exclusive tools you will need for your company. Here, fans can like your page, they can see your posts and updates.

This is great because not only does it help promote your brand, it also keeps your business page from being banned by Facebook because it is against their Terms of Service to use a personal account to represent more than what it actually is.

If you have already created a personal Facebook profile, you can always convert it into a business page.

2. Create and Add an Awesome Cover Image

After setting up your business page, you’ll need to make it attractive and pleasing to the eye, and what better way to do this than to add an awesome cover image at the top?

You can feature a pretty design that is themed around the colors of your brand. The dimensions allowed by Facebook is 851 by 315 pixels, so keep this in mind when resizing the image.

You should optimize the photo as best as you can and remember to follow the recommended guidelines governing Facebook pages.

3. Your Profile Picture Should Be Recognizable Enough

While setting up your Facebook business page, be sure to use a profile picture that can easily be identified with your brand. The profile picture could be your business logo or your headshot, that’s if you’re a solopreneur. Never underestimate the value of being recognized as it plays a very important role in who likes your Facebook page. It appears at the top of your page and visitors who come there will get to see it first and try to identify with it. A blank or conflicting profile picture can send the wrong message about your business. So, be wise.

4. Describe Your Business in the “About Us” Section

The “About Us” section for your Facebook page needs to be explicit about what your business is about and equally well optimized.

This is because when people come to your business page for the first time, they will get to see a preview of the about us section first and so it should contain information on what you are offering.

Take time to create a brief but expletive copy in the description part of the about us section.

Just like owning a website and optimizing it so it can be easily discoverable when the service you offer is looked up using your keywords on search engine pages, your Facebook business page equally needs to be optimized.

More people are using Facebook search to look for business pages and you would also like your business to be discovered by potential customers.

Take out time to include your business’s relevant keywords in your page’s information and ensure the density is high enough to be picked up by Facebook’s search engine.

Your posts need to also contain relevant keywords that define what you’re offering.

6. Photos Have to be Accurately Formatted

Well-formatted photos are some of the Facebook marketing tips that have to be taken seriously so you won’t disgust your audience with haphazard-looking images.

Be sure to follow the recommended sizes and dimensions required for uploading photos to your Facebook Page.

Don’t just post any picture just the way it is. Check out the most popular Facebook image dimensions below.

Dimensions are in pixels:

  • Cover photo: 851 x 315
  • Profile image: 180 x 180 
  • Highlighted image: 1200 x 717
  • Shared image: 1200 x 630
  • Shared link thumbnail image: 1200 x 627

7. Set up a Community Page or Facebook Group

Community pages usually give more organic reach than the Facebook business pages.

According to Ben Taylor, the owner of, a freelance advice portal, he opines that making the community page by-invitation-only usually makes customers feel special and wanted.

It is a very effective place to maintain relationships with them. You can also set up a Facebook group where purely non-promotional content can be shared there.

Different kinds of information related to your business can be exchanged here between you and your fans or the group members.

For instance, if you run a gym outfit, you can discuss the best meals that can be used for dieting and complementing fitness exercises in the group.

8. Make Use of Facebook Insights

This is Facebook’s internal analytical tool and it works just like Google Analytics. Facebook Insights allows you to measure and analyze your Facebook presence.

You get to see data about people who visit your business page and engagements they have with it. Insights by Facebook helps you understand what content you’re putting up that appeals to your fans.

This way you can work on churning out similar content to boost more engagements and increase conversion rates.

9. Post More of Visuals and Images

This is a Facebook marketing tip that you can use to drive up engagement because it has been reported that Facebook posts usually see a 2.3x jump in engagement whenever an image is uploaded.

Engagements from visuals usually attract around 87% of total interactions across Facebook. That is why you should make it an effort to constantly post compelling visuals.

Visuals could be in the form of pictures, videos, or infographics containing information related to your business.

10. Try to Get the “Very Responsive To Messages” Badge For Your Page

You can earn this badge if your response to messages from your fans is fast enough.

If your response rate is 90% and your response time is within 15 minutes over a period of 7 days, Facebook would grant you the “very responsive to messages” badge.

This is important because it appears on your business page and your potential customers would believe that you really do care about them and their needs.

Seriously, this is one Facebook marketing tip for business that you should take seriously.

11. Try to Get Fans to Watch Your Videos to the End

One of the things that count as engagement on Facebook is the percentage completion of uploaded videos.

Typically, a view is recorded by Facebook when a fan watches a video down to the middle of the visual at least.

Some Facebook marketing tips you should employ include making the video as short as possible – not more than 90 seconds. This means all the information you want to pass across needs to be compressed creatively and explicitly in the video.

The video should be understandable in the first few seconds of playing it to avoid fans losing interest in it too early. You can add subtitles to the video.

You can also help your fans watch the video to the end via impulse by placing a countdown timer to inspire them to finish what they started.

12. Avoid Asking for Likes, Comments, and Shares

Several years ago, you could influence your fans to like or share your content using the popular “Like vs Share” social media strategy where you make a post containing two options and ask your fans to choose by clicking on like or share.

This worked aggressively back in the days. Unfortunately, Facebook has updated its policy concerning it and strategies like this are now considered “gaming feed by asking for likes, shares, or comments”.

So try to avoid this and stay on Facebook’s good book.

13. Update Your Facebook Stories Regularly

Facebook stories are a fast and easy way to post content on Facebook. They make posting much more casual and personal.

Try not to post about promotions your business is offering too frequently. It can bore your status’s viewers. Rather post engaging content like fun questions or facts.

Just upload stuff that will get your audience engaged, thus, interested in your brand. You can also make use of live feeds as well.

These Facebook tips for business work wonders. Try to be dynamic with your content. Your fans will love it.

14. Include Your Business’s Milestones

The “Milestones” is a feature on your Facebook business page where you can showcase any accomplishment or breakthrough you’ve made in your business.

Information relating to award wins, new product releases, important events, or any other accolades can be placed here.

Facebook will highlight your recent milestones on your timeline and any new users can see them in your “About” tab when they visit your page.

Fans are more likely to follow your brand if they see that it is associated with success stories regularly.

So, don’t hide your achievements. Post them in the Milestones tab of your page.

15. Select a Call-To-Action Button

A simple call-to-action (CTA) button can help convert your fans into customers. So always remember to add it to your Facebook business page. Facebook has different pre-made CTA button options that you can choose from.

They include shop now, contact us, sign up, use app, book now, play game, watch video.

You can use any of the buttons that best align with your business’s theme then link it to your website or platform where they can get the product or service.

16. Post Content When Your Audience is Most Active

This requires you to know when your fans are most active. Facebook Insights can give you this data so be sure to make use of it.

Different businesses usually find out that their fans or followers have different times and even days that work best for them.

If you’re just starting up your business page, then make use of these Facebook marketing tips by setting your posting time to 3 pm on Wednesdays.

Data has shown this to be the most optimal time and day for posting content on Facebook. Other optimal times can include noon on Saturdays and Sundays, then 1 pm to 4 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Engagement rates usually go up by as much as 18% on Thursdays and Fridays while for other weekdays, between the hours of 1 pm and 4 pm usually experience the highest clickthrough rates.

17. Take Out Ugly Links That May Appear on Your Post Copy

Keep your post copy free from long ugly links. The URLs hanging out tend to disfigure the quality of your post copy.

Aside from the fact that Facebook’s algorithm might consider the post as spammy and limit its reach, your post can lose its appeal to the audience.

Luckily, Facebook auto-generates a thumbnail or title for URLs to be posted on the timeline.

Your audience can click on the generated thumbnail instead and it will take them to the post or platform that you are trying to share with them.

You will need a relatively strong internet connection for this to work.

How to Execute These Facebook Tips for Business

These Facebook tips for business will really boost your company’s growth. There’s basically nothing tasking about it as long as you follow the tips and instructions relayed in this article.

We understand that combining day-to-day business operations can take its toll on you and you might not have adequate time on your hands to try out some of the Facebook marketing tips mentioned here.

Let us take the business of growing your brand on Facebook off you. Social media marketing is our forte at Vexceed Technologies and our dedicated team will stop at nothing to ensure your business excels when we handle your Facebook business page.

We can build you an army of fans and followers that would end up not only being loyal customers but also active ambassadors for your brand. Reach out to us today.


Facebook is a mega platform not only for selling your brand but also for building a community of loyal fans.

Although it started out as a purely networking platform for people, their friends, and family, it has grown to be more than just a social media platform.

And this is because businesses have discovered it to be a haven of marketing bliss when done the right way.

Following the exceptional Facebook marketing tips in this article can help your business boom towards unprecedented success.

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